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Glass Paintings: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What makes background coloring special for glass paintings?

While creating a glass painting, you should give more importance to background coloring; this is because without an effective background color your theme (pattern) wouldn't stand out. Normally people use aluminum foil paper, ivory paper or color paper as its background, but I think this doesn?t create much effects. Using glass color, oil paint, fabric color etc for background purpose makes your painting an exceptional look. You can give a single glass color as background, but the color you choose for background always depends on your pattern. Apply the glass paint in a rotating wavy line; this will create a bumpy texture. If you are using fabric or oil color for backgrounds, take white color as the base color and then add gray or dark shades. You can also do the background coloring same as one did on oil painting and water coloring; but the theme should be that much strong and vibrant. For example if you are doing scenery on glass and you need to portray some trees of both remote and closer view. Lighter shades of green should be given for distant views and dark colors of green for closer view. These kind of back ground coloring gives your glass painting a conventional and at a time a classy look. Always remember not to leave any area unpainted. Do not allow paper, fabric or other dust particles to touch the wet painted area as it will spoil the paint.

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