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Glass Paintings: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How to choose glass colors for glass paintings?

Today world market is offering us vibrant range of glass paints and that too in both water based and solvent based. Choosing and picking best among them is a little bit difficult thing. But you can solve this issue by following some tips. Firstly as far as possible decide in advance which colors you are going to apply for you glass painting. This will help you to avoid the strain in choosing glass colors from here and there. Secondly if you have any intention to mix two or more colors then try to by-heart the color combination chart which helps to speed up your work. Always try to give natural colors (e.g. for landscape painting give different shades of green and brown). Never use the color which is used as background color in the elementary part if you do so, then the core picture will not be highlighted. Use fabric colors for minute drawings such as eyes, lips, nails, etc. Try to use metallic and glitter colors for ornaments and jewels.

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