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Decorate your interiors with an exquisite Glass Painting

Now a days glass painting with its unique beauty has canvassed a place in all sorts of interior decorations. Knowing the simple technique of glass painting will surely help you in furnishing your house with this according to your whims and fancies. I believe strongly that you will be interested to know the basic methods of glass painting so as to make one for yourself. The most simple and cost effective method is to get a glass pane and using your imagination trace a lovely design of your choice in the glass. Now start painting the outline. After finishing the painting for better results you can bake the glass either in a micro oven or in a kiln. Now the glass painting is ready. You can frame and hang this precious piece on your wall. There is another oldest method called the “etch is style” method is for people who insist for easy but classic work. Here you place an etching paper on the glass leaving the design and then you wash the glass in acid. The area where there is no paper will get etched and now you can make it more colorful by painting over the etched area. If you are a poor painter then you can opt for spray painting. Now a days spray paints are available in the market and its drying time is on 15 to 20 minutes. Get the spray paints. Then place the design of your choice beneath the glass and start spraying the paint on the image. Wait for 20 minutes. Your glass painting is ready. In order to give a precious look to your painting as a last step you can adorn the painting with stones or can spray sand particles to the painting like wise according to your imagination and interest.

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