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Glass Painting and Framing

  • Framing has greater importance in painting as it enhances the entire beauty of your glass painting.So be very desperate in choosing frame for your glass painting.
  • Try to frame the painted portion on reverse side thisis because it will help you to look your glass painting neat and dust free.
  • While framing your glass painting you can use mound board for bodering effect.
  • When framing, you can use crumpled foil paper at the back of your painted glass which will help to increase brightness and also ivory paper or any colored paper can be used which gives your painting a classy look.
  • If your painting is too small (e.g 6 x 6 size or 8 x 10 size) then try to choose 1/4 inch frame for your painted glass because it will looks odd if the picture is small and the frame is too big.
  • If your painting is made as wall hanging then choose a frame which is alittle bit heavier. you can choose 1/2 or 1 inch frame.
  • You can cover or sandwich the painted glass with the same size of other glass piece and can easily put frame on your glass painting without the normal kind of sealing and covering process. This kind of framing is little bit economical than the other and also you can access your wall color as background color.

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