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Glass Painting a meticulous art form – New experiments by various world Glass Painting artists

Now a day’s glass painting has been recognized as a marvelous art by all. When we think, about why glass painting attained this much popularity the one and only convincing answer that could be found is that glass painting with its “Midas touch” converts plain glass sheets to extraordinary and unique art form. Because of the rare charisma and mystical beauty which is hidden in the glass painting, it is the cherished legacies of the remarkable art works of past. It is true that this rare and extravagant art form declined for sometime. But the real beauty cannot be hidden for long. This is true in the case of glass painting also. The mystical beauty, the richness of colors and the complicated techniques which is hidden in the glass painting came to light at last. The credit to this goes to Italy as the Renaissance movement again revealed the importance of this sophisticated art form. From Italy, glass painting became popular all over the world. We are indebted to China for teaching us this magical art. The Chinese immigrants who settled in the coastal areas around 18th century blessed us by imparting this marvelous art form to Indian painters. During that time this extravagant art from adorned the royal building. Our artists became successful in developing this unique meticulous art form in the impressive present pattern with the help of their creativity and scientific techniques.

The state of Gujarat can be considered as the cradle for glass painting in India. Later on this art flourished to other regions of India which includes Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan, Mysore, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai etc. As you know, India is a country having “unity in diversity”. This regional diversity can also be seen on the of the glass painting. But, generally themes of glass paintings are from our religious books or from our great epics “Ramayana” and “Mahabharatha”. The Hindu God and Goddess, natural scenes, mythological stories, animal images etc., are also used as a theme for this rare, magical art form.

For portraying this unique art form Belgium glasses were imported from England. In the glass panes images are outlined in the opposite side of the glass in a peculiar manner. Then the images made are filled with colors and are allowed to dry by heating it in the kiln. After this heating process, the painting permanently gets fixed in the glass. Further to make the painting more luminous and precious it is filled with gold and silver powders and adorned with precious stones. This art form has now attained place in the modern interior decoration of houses and shops and also as wall decorator.

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