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This beautiful picture of the bird that resembles a wood pecker is an outstanding free glass paining bird pattern. The three curves on the head of the bird resemble a crown. The folded wings and it’s sitting stature on the wood gives the impression that the bird is on a resting position or the open eyes of it concentrating most probably its prey. The long feathers on its tail and the clutched legs to the wood are the highlighted features of this pattern. Right from the pattern on the head of the bird to the tail a true artist can give outstanding color combinations that enhance the beauty of this pattern. The design on the head can be given multi color or a single striking bright color like red or blue. The head and the body or the folded wings can be given pure silver or golden color. The feathers in the long tail can be given multi colors like orange, blue, green, yellow, maroon and brown. Different shades of single color can also be painted on the tail for an outstanding appearance.


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