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This floral design is artistic that is a sure inspiration for poets rather than painting artists. This design definitely gives the visual impact of a full bloomed garden with fragrant flowers. The floral pattern resembles hibiscus and wild flowers. Bright colors always add the visual impact of floral structures. Rich red, bright shimmering maroon, neon orange, dark rose, dark peach, lavender, orchid purple shades are suitable for petals of the flowers. A golden colored background will give visual richness to this pattern if done on fabric painting. It is also good for the bridal mehndi design and tattooing. For an unconventional color pattern the combination of silver and golden flowers with black borders and silver and golden linings in the metallic green colored structures makes it look a unique artistic work. For glass painting traditional red and green combination also looks beautiful. This could be used in curtains, pillow covers, bed sheets and ceramic works.


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