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This floral pattern resembles Mughal art work that adorned the walls of royal palaces. It also resembles the stained glass painting in Russian churches. A variety of color combinations can be liberally used in this aesthetic pattern. The leaves can be given bright and dark shades of green color. The floral pattern can be given bright fire yellow, deep dark orange, shimmering bright maroon, brick red and lavender shades. The top most single flower pattern can be given purple, deep sunset yellow or deep violet color. The stems can be given ash or brown color. Pale blue color can be given as the background that makes the pattern a visual treat. This pattern could be used in glass painting, embroidery works, fabric painting, ceramic painting, oil or water color drawing. This design can be done on carpets, curtains, table cloths and bed sheets. On fabrics this pattern is suitable for both ethnic and casual wear.


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