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This elegant classic free glass painting is a unique design that gives the impression of fragrant flowers form a bouquet or a garden that attracts beautiful butterflies. An aesthetic sense of beauty is surely created in the mind of a person who views this design. Each flower design is unique as they are different from one another yet being complimentary to each other. The butter flies can be shaded with bright blues, greens and red colors that will be the highlight in this design. In order to project the butterfly designs the floral patterns can be given pale or lighter shades of lavender, purple, magenta, pink and yellow. The leafy structures can be shaded with olive green. The entire design can be given a golden border that make this free glass painting pattern more attractive. Other than using multi colors the entire design except the butterflies can be painted with metallic black and the butterfly designs can be painted with electric blue or emerald green that gives contemporary style to this pattern.


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