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This free glass flower pot design is a unique one by its shape. Unlike the normal flower pots with round neck and base, this design stands out by the shape of its neck that has a stylish curve that exactly resembles the neck and yolk design of a lady’s gown. The two slanting curves after the neck in the middle portion of the design resemble a metallic shaped accessory in an outfit. The bottom has a broad base of oval shape that could hold large number of flower stems. The outlines of the neck can be painted with variety of striking colors including red, black, gold and blue. The sharp curve at the left and right side of the neck can be highlighted with shimmering copper colors. The space between the slanting curves can also be painted with copper color. The top to bottom shade can be given darker and light shades of blue, green, orange or maroon or the top portion can be given one shade and the bottom section in another color that will make this design more impressive.

Flower pot

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