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This free glass painting modern art painting is an adaptation of Indian deity that is usually depicted as the goddess who protects people from all evil. During the celebrations the goddess’s pictures and statues that are decorated is adapted in this painting in modern version. The grace in the deity’s face is drawn precisely in this picture. The decorations resemble the depiction of deity in many Indian folklore. Ample scope for using variety of colors is available in this pattern. Contrast multi color shades can be liberally used in the intricate design in this pattern. The crown of the pattern can be shaded with bright golden color with silver color highlighting. The space between the curves can be filled with blue or red. The jewellery of the deity can be done in red color. The middle and the lower portion of the pattern can be shaded with multi colors of dark shades like red, blue, green, violet and the base can be shaded with gold to compliment with the crown structure.

Modern Art

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