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This free glass painting modern art pattern depicts the dancing posture of a woman with a lamp lit in her hand. This pattern resembles the statues in palaces and temples particularly in India. The floral background gives more attraction and uniqueness to this pattern and it is a combination of both traditional and modern artistic work. Bright multi colors are suitable for this pattern to make it more impressive. The hair portion can be given golden or black color. The face and body can be shaded with brown, wheatish golden or white color. The costumes can be given wide range of bright colors or combination of dark and light shades of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, peach, pink, lavender, purple, burgundy and metallic shades of this colors can given for an outstanding appearance. The lit lamp can be shaded with fire red and orange. The floral patterns at the base and in the background can also be shaded with multi contrast colors.

Modern Art

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