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This beautiful artistic creation is truly an outstanding design with the combination floral, birds and a beautiful woman’s pattern is beyond the words of any description. This free glass modern art painting is quite unique as it conveys the impression of a beautiful garden with fragrant flowers and beautiful butterflies that is been enjoyed by a woman, that is symbolizes the happiness in the garden of life. Several color combinations can be used for this pattern for creating it an outstanding color combination. The butterflies can be given different colors of red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and brown. The hair of the woman can be given golden or burgundy shades. The floral pattern at the top of the woman can be given lemon yellow color. The pattern at the base where her one leg is fixed can be given dark green shades. The other floral patterns can be shaded with yellow and parrot green shade can be given at the pattern on the right side of the design.

Modern Art

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