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The combination of two designs is the high lights of this free glass modern art painting pattern. The depiction of two birds resembles the sparrows. The way they are depicted in this pattern as on of them is trying to take honey from the flower and the other still resting on the leaf of a flower. The petals of the flower resemble lotus petals and the floral pattern at the top has another floral pattern within that is truly imaginative. The leafy pattern at the base is also extremely creative. The long leafy structures at the right side of the bottom pattern resemble another plant near the floral design. Multi colors can be liberally shaded in this pattern. Each floral pattern can be shaded individually or with the dark and light color combinations. The birds can be painted with yellow or pigeon blue. The floral designs can be painted with lotus pink, lavender, purple and magenta and the leaves with different shades of green color.

Modern Art

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