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This highly imaginative pattern is an intricate design that is formed by simple lines and curves arranged in a very balanced form to create a floral design. Different floral designs are seen in this free glass modern art painting pattern and along with the floral design a bird’s image is also depicted brilliantly that could not be found at a glance. Variety of color combinations can be used in this pattern for giving more attraction. Though the floral designs are not connected with each other they depict synchronized formation. Multi colors can be used in this pattern including dark and bright shades of different colors than shading with individual colors. The lines of each pattern can be shaded with ash or black outline. The pattern at the top area can be given electric blue or magenta shade in the petals. The bird can be shaded with bright pink and the leaves can be shaded with green colors. The floral design at the bottom can be shaded with yellow and pink.

Modern Art

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