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This design is truly an artistic creation that gives a parson wide scope to imagine about the color combinations that add impact to this design. This pattern is made up of different indefinite shapes that give a new design that reminds a bouquet or an ornamental plant that has leaves with floral structures. The balanced formation of these indefinite shapes gives a uniform pattern to this design that make this free glass modern art painting pattern unique. Different colors or different shades of a single color can be given for this pattern. A single shade of black with silver outline will give a modern appearance to this pattern. a shining golden background will project the black shade that makes this design an outstanding piece of art. It can also be shaded with different colors on top, middle and bottom portion. The top portion can be given blue, the middle portion just above the base patter can be shaded with yellow and the bottom with two extended long designs can be shaded with maroon.

Modern Art

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