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This free modern art pattern for glass painting is quite intricate design yet having an outstanding appearance. Though this pattern looks like an intricate floral design with curves and twists it also forms a hidden image of a woman. The top portion of the pattern gives the shape of the face without facial features. The middle and the lower portion indicate a standing posture with hands resting on either sides of the body. The base of the pattern is another outstanding design of big flower vase. A wide range of multi contrast colors can be used in this pattern. The floral pattern on the top can be shaded with orange, red and maroon. The slanting design at the middle portion can be shaded with blue or green that resembles the dress of a woman. The lower portion with the design of the flower vase base can be shaded with multi colors including blue, red, lavender, purple, green, burgundy and brown. The floral pattern on the sides of the middle portion can be shaded with golden and silver shade.

Modern Art

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