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How to make piping bag (corn) for drawing outliner?
Outlines has greater importance in glass painting as it's the basic drawing in the entire art of glass painting. What you need is thin and precise outlines using piping bag and that too in an inexpensive manner. First and foremost thing you need to make piping bag is a plastic sheet which you can get easily from used milk or snacks packets. Cut all the four sides of used plastic packet which will come out in a square or rectangle shape. After cutting it perfectly, clean it thoroughly using soap and water and leave the same for proper drying. After getting thoroughly dried, take the plastic sheet and place it over a table. Roll the top right end tip to half downwards then again twist it around two more times until it turns into a corn shape then join both the split ends (inside and outside )using sticky tape. Don?t forget to paste sticky tape around the tip of the piping bag. Then fill outliner into the three fourth portion of the piping bag and tightly tie up the bag end using a tag. Cut the tip of the piping bag using a scissor. Always start with a small cut and test then cut again if necessary.!

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