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How to do experiments with glass paints and outliners?

  • If you want to give more brightness/shadings effects and also interested in new experiments with paints then you can apply fabric paint and oil paint in glass painting. It will take comparatively very less time for drying and you can easily use flat brushes for the purpose. These kinds of experiments are more suitable to traditional kind of patterns such as mural, god/ goddess, ravivarma paintings etc.
  • Use Gold powder (which you can easily get from any paint shop) for ornaments which will give your glass painting a traditional look. You can mix gold powder with varnish for the said purpose.
  • You can also use fevicril 3d outliners of different shade to decorate ornaments that will definitely gives your glass painting a stunning look and also add a unique effect to the painting.
  • For beginner, always try to use simple pattern (flowers, birds, cartoon characters etc) as there first projects.
  • You can easily experiment with the glass colors available to you, add transparent color to any dark shade glass color you will get lighter shades, for leaves apply two shades of green along with yellow, try black along with brown while painting hair, You can apply flesh tint fabric color for body parts. Never mix solvent based color with water based glass color.
  • Do experiments like synchronizing glass colors with fabric colors (that doesn't mean mixing glass color with fabric colors) ie for some parts you can apply glass colors and for some other areas you can give fabric colors. For example if you had given fabric color to the body parts like face, hands, abdomen, legs and you can apply glass color on other areas like hair, dress, ornaments etc.
  • While using outliner you can apply different outliners on single pattern (e.g. black outliner for body, glitter outliners for ornaments, gold or silver for outlining dress)
  • You can use 3d outliners for stone effects and also stones and crystal are available from craft shop stick it with fabric glue leave it for 24 hrs until it becomes dry. It will definitely give your glass painting a dazzling look.
  • For glossy effect use gel color which is easily available from art shop.
  • If you have any intention to do layering in glass painting then wait patiently until the first layer paint to dry. After getting properly dried you can apply your second layer of glass paint.

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