...Glass Paintings Tips and Tricks...

How to handle glass paints in an effective manner?

  • While applying glass paint there may be chances for bubbles, if bubbles appear burst it immediately using a pin tip or an ear bud. Always remember not to shake your glass paint bottle before applying
  • Always remember to cover tightly the bottle tip after every use and never ever leave the glass paint bottle open after use.
  • If your glass paint gets dried because of long storing then you can dilute it by adding thinner and can reuse it again.
  • As far as possible use bottle nozzle for dropping glass paint, you can also use 0 to 3 range brushes to spread the glass color but there may be chances for patches.
  • Always show patience throughout the entire process of glass painting because drying paint is a slow process and will take time. So be patient and clam while applying paint otherwise it may smudge.

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