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Glass Paintings: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How to choose glass pieces for Glass Paintings?

Usually artists use canvas and drawing papers to express their creativity. But here in glass paintings, instead of canvas we are using glass. i.e painting is done on glass surface. This makes glass painting different from other paintings. As the first and foremost thing needed to do glass painting is glass pieces, we should have clearcut idea about selecting glass pieces, its length, breadth and thickness. So consider the following tips while choosing glass pieces for your glass painting!

Before selecting a glass piece, you should first analyze the length and breadth of the proposed picture to draw; then only you can come to a conclusion to choose a glass piece for the picture.

As far as thickness is concerned, not less than 2 mm is used for drawing because it is hard to manage the glass in transit.

If you want to do glass paintings in big size always choose glass pieces of thickness 3 or 4mm size.

If you need a glass painting for your doors or windows, then the thickness must be above 2 mm but below 4 mm according to its size. One thing bear in mind that use pin drop or stained glass pieces for door painting and always use one more glass pieces of same dimension to cover the painted glass

While using pin drop glasses for door paintings, always remember to draw outliners on the rough surface. This will help you to hide glass transparency.

It is better to use plain glass pieces for doing other creative paintings such as lords glass paintings, scenery glass paintings, portrait glass paintings and flower glass paintings, etc because they are used as wall hanging or for decorative purposes.

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