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History of Glass Paintings

Glass painting is generally known as "reverse glass painting" and here artist uses glass as a medium for his painting. This art of painting incorporates some great artistic techniques to create an eye-catching work on the back of a glass piece which is just an opposite of what an artist does on a canvas. In glass painting artist must work backwards to complete his paintings.

Glass painting as an art form is a combination of both folk and fine arts and since middle age it was used for sacral painting. Later spread its root to Italy and influenced its Renaissance art. In the mid of 18th century it became favored by churches and spread to entire central Europe and in 19th century it became a main folk art in Austria, Bavaria, Moravia and Slovakia. In the later half of 20th century glass painting techniques had to be fashioned by mixing up with acrylic and oil paint. Again in the 21st styles and themes also changed and adapted to the most modern creative world.

More recently the styles of glass painting achieve prominence in Asia and especially in India and china. Experiments done by various glass painting artists all over India are creating incredible achievements in this visual artistic world. Some prominent modern styles such as using of gem stones, giving glitter effects for ornaments of god and goddess, using of gold powder for jewels, using of 3d outliner for stone effects, using of glitter sequence, use of acrylic paint etc and that too with lesser cost will definitely gives a stylish appeal and a striking achievement in the most modern era of glass painting.

Always do experiments with colors and brush by putting your creative thoughts and styles! Be a part of this stylish modern art form of glass painting.

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