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Art of doing Glass Paintings: How to Do Glass Paintings?

Painting as an art always enhances your creative thoughts and also tranquil your mind from all tensions and strains and also glass painting is that sort of a painting which helps you to excel in this modern creative world.

So let's start with the basic of Glass painting, like every usual painting art form, here also you need some basic things such as brushes, glass paints, glass painting outliners, traced pattern and glass piece. I think it?s easier to you if I explain in step by step process. So following are some simple steps which you can easily follow to make your piece of exquisite glass paintings.

Step 1:

First take a picture or pattern you like to paint and trace it on a butter / tracing paper using a fine tip marker pen.

Step 2:

Take a glass piece on the basis of the said pattern?s length and breadth. Thoroughly clean the glass surface with soap water or use thinner for cleaning. Use cotton or clean cotton cloth for cleaning. Make sure that glass surface is always clean clear and dry before starting the painting process.

Step 3:

Place the glass piece over a flat surface table. Paste the proposed glass painting pattern underneath the glass piece using a glue or gum. This will ensure not to move the pattern or even glass piece to either direction.

Step 4:

Now time to start your process of doing outlining directly from tube or using piping bag (corn). While making outline you must be very careful because your outlines should be thin, clear and precise with out scratches and cuts. Always remember to draw outline in one direction either from top to downwards or from down to top wards. Once the outlining process is over, let it remain there for 3 to 4 hrs for drying.

Step 5:

Once the outlined areas get dried, you can start your painting. Try to decide the colors in advance which you are going to apply. This will help you to fasten up your entire painting process. Apply glass paint on the outlined area very carefully and without scurry. You can directly apply the glass paint from the bottle itself or use dropper for dropping the colors. You can also use a brush for spreading colors. Always remember to burst bubbles using a pin tip or needle. Once the painting is over, let the painted glass remain there for 1 to 2 days without moving and trembling for drying.

Step 6:

When the drying process is over and the paint get completely dried you can remove the pattern affixed on the glass and can frame the painted glass using wooden or fiber frame which you like.

So what you are waiting for? This is the right time for you to enter the creative world by following the above steps. Be creative!! Always do experiments with colors and brushes and create your masterpiece!!!

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