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How imagination and hallucination creates theme for your glass painting

The major difference between a reverse glass painting and an ordinary painting is that in the former the main subject should stand out from the background, there by rendering a three dimensional impression to the viewer. This can be made possible by providing appropriate spacing between the main subject and the background. You might get confused about how you are going to achieve this illusion. Instead of getting perplexed, hunt for a possible solution by taking the clues from our dear “MOTHER NATURE”. Imagine yourself to be engulfed by beautiful scenery of nature. Ask yourself the question of how your eyes are observing the scenery. What you will be observing is that the objects that are away from you will appear to look diminished in size and shape than those objects that are nearer to you. Beyond the horizon you will not be able to see even a single object even though it really exists. This is said to be vanishing point. You can create the same vanishing point in your painting by proportionally reducing the size of all the items that you intend to draw at the back of the main subject. In this way, you can make the background recede and there by achieve the illusion of making the main theme to stand projected from the surrounding background.

The main aspect of reverse glass painting is to create a three dimensional illusion to the observer. This can be made possible by making the background recede from the main theme. Imagine yourself trolling in a train. While looking through the window you will feel as if the various objects nearer to the train move backward at a faster pace than those that are further away from the train. Beyond the horizon, everything will be in a standstill position. Taking this queue one can make an illusion of making the main theme to stand out from the background. This is done by painting objects that are further from the vision smaller in trace than those nearer to the vision. Thus the main theme will stand projected from the surrounding background. Along with this if one applies appropriate color contrast in such away that the background of items farther from the vision be painted in lighter colors than for those that are nearer to the vision in a proportionate manner, one can finally create the three dimensional illusion of the main theme.

Reverse glass painting is an art of painting an image on the reverse side of a glass and viewing it from the unpainted side. Even though mere reading of the above line may make you think that this is a tough art but it is not true. This is very simple art and artistic talent is not at all necessary to learn this art. If you have a desire to learn glass painting and if you have a little imagination, I am sure you can do wonders in this field. If you have imagination stay confident you will not lack themes. Remember, drawing skill is not mandatory for glass painting. Frankly speaking, you can make contemporary art by simply putting dots in a particular design or by drawing squares, circles, triangles, rectangles etc., in a peculiar manner and fill it with bright colors. Don’t be afraid of cost also. Because the accessories that you need to manifest your painting is very little.

Reverse painting on a glass is simple and it does not need any artistic excellence. The only thing that you have to do is to find out a theme for painting. This is also not a herculean task as believed by everyone. It is very easy provided you are ready to let your mind free. If you are ready to observe your surroundings with a free mind I am sure you will definitely get a good theme. Another method for fixing a theme is making it a habit to take photographs of nature and of your loved ones whenever you get time. Then select a photograph from it. After selecting the photo enlarge it according to your frame preference and tape the enlarged photo to the backside of the glass. Now the ground is ready and you can start your painting. Remember to give final touching with a thin brush and then you can go for details. As you are painting layer by layer you have to give enough time to dry each layer. Always keep in mind the glass surface must be clean and so always keep soft cotton while painting in order to clean the surface and also to wipe off the mistake.

Last but not the least you should concentrate about what color contrast you have to give for the background. The background of the item further behind your main theme should be pointed in lighter colors than for those that are nearer to your main theme in a proportionate manner. Thus by having at control over your imagination you can finally create the three dimensional illusion of your main theme. The important thing that you should bother is in the choice of your color contrast. You should select the contrast in such away that the painting should be appealing and not appalling to your eyes. No wonder that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The appropriate color contrast that you choose will add on to the illusion of a three dimensional vision of your main theme. Enjoy your stint with reverse glass painting and become a master in the wonderful art of reverse glass painting. Start painting and enjoy the world of colors.

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