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Welcome to Glasspaintings.org. This site is set up by a proficient team of glass painting artists for the purpose of providing a better way to buy and sell glass paintings. Glasspaintings.org is an internet based content and glass paintings sellers managed by Mish Global Services, a firm established in South India.

We are involved in offering an extensive choice of glass paintings, by understanding the dissimilar desires of our world-wide clients. We aim to make available of each and every details a glass painter could need, or a passionate buyer should know before making a perfect buy of glass painting.

Glass painting is one of the widespread and budding art forms. It is accomplished with oil & hard resin or with water-colour and glue, on glass pieces. Here at Glasspaintings.org, the pleasure of purchasing this decorative painting is boosted with fast loading and unrestricted pages, accompanied by the capability to instantaneously purchase from a huge selection of charismatic glass paintings.

We provide:

Free Patterns:

Our adroit artists designed many free patterns for people who like to develop artistically, which reflect a love of nature and liveliness.

Glass Painting Tutorials:

We will be providing a series of guide and video to understand the basics of glass painting needed by beginner and advanced technologies and projects for an expert who seeks more to learn about this art. We will guide you about the proper equipment, Painting methods, preparation of glass, tips for applying paint and finishing of glass painting art.

Glass Painting Articles:

Articles about glass paintings from several artists will help you to understand more about this growing art form.

Glass Paintings:

We offer patterned and normal glass paintings. We assure you the glossy look and quality of each painting, by using high grade glass and best colors. Besides, our custom glass painting services contain mirrors, window glass, table tops, shower doors, shades and many more.

We will be your reliable source of all your Glass Painting Needs with our:

Diverse collection of superiority products
Reasonable pricing
Professional service.

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We would like to hear from you for all your glass painting needs, contact us at admin@glasspaintings.org

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Mish Global Services
Neendakara PO
Kollam, Kerala, India
Ph: 9388781013

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