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Lady - Scenery Glass Painting


This is a lovely glass painting that shows a beautiful banjara lady along with her doggy friend sitting under a tree and singing a song. I did lots of experiment to complete this painting. Glitter outliners are used for lady's dress and black outliner to outline her body parts and other scenery areas. I had applied glass colors of different shades such as sea blue and magenta for lady?s dress and flesh tin fabric color for her body, olive green and lemon yellow for trees, satin pink and maroon for houses. For sky, I had used transparent glass color mixed with sea blue along with two three drops of royal blue and opaque white for cloudy effect.

Actual Size: 16 x 12 (Inches)

Frame size: 1 Inches

Frame Color: Gold

Price: Rs.5500 / US$120

Category: Scenery

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