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Make glass painting a leisure pursuit and enliven your dinnerware

As glass painting with its precious nature has become very popular now a day and so people prefer this rare art to have application in the fields of their life. Just think how interesting it would be, if glass painting can be used to decorate your dinner wares. Here are some methods to make you dinner wares extraordinary with the help of glass painting.

To start with you have to choose a glass. It is not compulsory that the glass ware that you choose for painting to be expensive but it should be useful. As we plan to decorate the dinner wares with this rare art it will be better if we choose things like tea cup, plates, wine glass etc which is having utility in kitchen. After selecting the glass the next thing that we have to do is to select suitable paints. Normally, for the refusing articles it is better to use thermo hardening paint where as for decorative glasses water-based paints. If you are using thermo hardening paint then you have to fire the glass after painting in order to have a better durability. But for water-based paints there is no need to fire the glass after painting. We can use regular brushes and sponge to paint in the glass. Before starting painting you should first wash the glass thoroughly and allow it to dry for some time. Next step is to trace the design in the glass ware. If you are a poor painter then you can sketch the design with the help of carbon paper. Now you can shoot the colors according to your imagination in the design. After completing the painting we should allow the glass painting to dry. Drying time depends on the method that we use for drying. That is drying in the air will take time where firing the glass consume little time. So now the glass painting of our choice is ready. If we are using this as decorative glass then we can also fix beads, stones etc., in the finished glass so as to make it more vibrant.

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