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Glass Paintings: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How to make your own glass painting outliners?

Usually you can easily buy variety brands of glass painting outliners marketed by different companies. But the interesting thing is that you can easily make your own outliner of different shades for your glass painting. This is an economical method. All you need is three / four things only, i.e. ceramic powder, fabric color (you can choose any color of your choice), fevicol (glue), a container and a spoon. At first take the container and put required quantity of ceramic powder, then add glue (fevicol) and fabric color. Blend this mixture well using a spoon until no lumps appears. Always remember not to use water while blending the mixture of glass painting outliner. Another exciting thing is that by following this method of making outliners of your own you can experiment with different fabric colors and shades. You can also mix glue (fevicol) with desired fabric colors to get your outliner if you don't have ceramic powder.!

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