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Glass Paintings: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How to paste the pattern in reverse mode glass paintings?

Normally you can choose any picture or pattern for glass paintings; but you should bear in mind some tips to paste it perfectly underneath the glass piece. After you had traced the proposed pattern you must carefully identify the appearance which you had drawn on the tracing paper; turn the pattern and place it underneath the glass piece in right direction. After proper placing, stick that glass painting pattern on glass using gum stick. This will help you to avoid moving of the affixed pattern or even glass piece in wrong direction when you start glass painting. Don't forget to adjust the pattern on the basis of length and breadth of glass piece before applying gums. Once the pattern is properly affixed you can easily draw the pattern or picture without much worries. The only thing you will notice while drawing is that your drawing will be in a reverse mode glass painting style. After completing the outline and coloring process you can remove the picture affixed under the glass.!

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