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Precision in Glass Painting –Tips to get a better finishing

Glass painting is a distinctive art and so to master it is very difficult. I am sure the beginners will have a lot of confusion regarding the mixing and using of paints. In order to get an appealing look to your painting it is highly necessary to concentrate on the tracing of subject in a simpler form and also in selection of paints. These paints give your glass painting a vibrant look. It is very difficult to fully understand the mixing and combination of paints in the beginning. So here are some tips which will help you in finishing your glass painting with perfection:

If you want to apply paint on a larger space then it is better to fill the space with a sponge. The advantage of doing so is that you can do the blending when the paint is wet.

It is better to be generous with the paints when you paint inside the outlines. If you are using water based colors to paint inside the outlines, to get pale colors it is advisable to dilute the paint with water.

It is better to clean the surface of the glass with white spirit so as to get clarity to your painting and also to wipe off the grease if any.

While working on windows and doors it is better to use leading tape as this will help you to make your design easily.

If you are using mentholated paints then it is better to use a ceramic thinner. Moreover in this case you should clean your brushes using white spirits.

If you are using water based paints then dilute the paint with water to use it as a thinner. In this case it is very easy to clean your brushes.

It is better to put outline in a glass using paint tubes. But to get a better shape you should squeeze the paint steadily.

When you use paint tubes as outliner first press a small piece out to tube to get rid of air bubbles if any and then start outlining with it.

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