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Prepare yourself and start doing Glass Painting – few tips and tricks for creating your ideal piece of Glass Painting

As you know, reverse glass painting is a realistic art; hence accuracy and concentration should be the key words for perfectly finishing a reverse glass painting. Preparing the ground is highly essential to become a successful painting artist. So before starting the painting work, you should systematically arrange the things which are necessary for painting. Otherwise you may loose your concentration while painting which will in turn affect the clarity of your painting.

My experiences taught me a lot of things which I am sharing here and that will definitely help an upcoming artist in doing reverse glass painting. Everyone who has intention to do reverse glass painting should keep ready the following things before starting the work.

1)Used clothes:- It is better to use soft cotton that also cut into square pieces of 6” to 8”inches.It is advisable not to use polyesters, knit, silk materials etc.

2)Razor Blades: - This will help to erase the mistakes in the paintings. If the painting is set it is not possible to rectify the mistakes with the help of cotton. In such case, razor blade will be of much help. Using this you can rectify the mistakes by cutting the edges.

3)Paper Towels and Windows Cleaner: - As the painting is a long process and as you are painting on a plain glass there is a possibility of accumulating dust in the glass, which may affect the clarity of your painting. To control this, towels and cleaner will be of much use.

4)A Working Table: - As to view the entire piece of work while painting is highly necessary it is advisable to place the glass in the table before you start working. Take care that the working table is low because if the table is too high it will be uncomfortable to work in such a table. If possible keep a small stool to sit while working.

5)Containers and Brushes: - It is advisable to keep all type of brushes (flat, round, fan brushes etc.,) in a container. The container should be such as to store the brushes upside down and also every type of brush in separate racks. So that it will be easy for you to take the brush at the time of painting with ease. There should also be a provision for cleaning the brushes. That is, if possible always keep spirit in a long can having lidded so that you can dip the brushes after painting in this can for cleaning the paints.

6)Accessories:- This includes a paint can opener for opening a paint can, a spring clamp for the paintings that are worked on the easel, a pair of players to open the tight paint tubes, and manicure sticks for painting thin lines. If possible an audio system to play the music which you like most. It is better to keep extra glass panes while you paint so as to do the rough work. If you are using oil paints, please use varnish as thinner because it helps the paint to dry faster.

These are the things that every beginner should follow to make the painting much easier and funny. So if these things are ready you can let your imagination fly for a better idea and I am sure you will surely succeed in your masterpiece creation.

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