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Rare Experiments by Indian Artists in Glass Painting

As you know, India is known for its varied art forms. From time immemorial India has always been extraordinary in various arts. This is evident from the carvings, sculptures etc., of great kinds. When we go through the India’s history we can see a vast development in arts and culture. Even before the innovation of brush and paper Indian artists made beautiful paintings in rocks, palm leaves etc. They became successful in depicting the stories of our great epics and the portraits of our kings etc. Let’s discuss about the origin of rare glass painting in India. Glass painting as you know, is a peculiar and a rare art form. Before the 18th century glass painting was an art known to Europeans only. A Chinese artist learned this marvelous skill from the Europeans and he exported the same to Europe. Thanks to the strong trade relationship between China and India which brought this unique art form to Indian soil between the 18th and the 19th century. Thus with the help of the Chinese artist, glass painting flourished in India. In the initial stage only local artists used this glass painting and that also to paint only the epics and stories. Later on this art developed in its full charisma and became successful in painting landscapes, portraits of Great kings, animal images in glass. India, one of the pioneer in quality glass production around 16th century, has to now depend on Belgium, England for the glass panes needed for glass painting. It is great news that now Indian glass painting artists are concentrating on depicting various folk art traditions and also trying to do new experiments in glass. Let us hope and pray for their success.

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