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Resolve a theme or subject for your glass painting

Once having decided the main theme of your painting, you are all set for doing reverse glass painting. But with a word of caution, beware that the procedure for reverse glass painting is not as easy as you think it is. You might have put a lot of effort in deciding the pattern and how you are going to adopt the same to exactly match according to your whims and fancies. But, alas, be rest assured that all these efforts will be a mere waste unless you know from whore you should exactly begin with. This will happen when you are in excitement; you make the major folly by putting a prey to your wrong notion of maintaining the main subject at the centre. If you try to build your entire theme by giving undue importance of making the main subject of your painting to be at the centre, you will not only end up with a disproportionate arrangement in your pattern but also will be losing those simple but vital parts which would have helped your painting to look charming. No wonder that life is made up of small things, which you often ignore in your quest for achieving success. So don’t be dejected. Just follow the queue of how you will be planning your step by step procedure for doing an oil painting on glass. Don’t be surprised if I tell you that just follow the procedure in reverse and behold; your reverse painting in glass is ready to be an excellent feast for your eyes.

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