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Best resources and tools considered necessary for doing an economical Glass Painting

After knowing much about reverse glass painting, I am sure you will be curious enough to do one glass painting by yourself. As this is a unique and a rare art form you may be under the belief that it will be very expensive. If this prevents you from trying one, don’t worry you can go ahead. Because the investment needed for this art is very less. To make you clearer, I will explain in short the materials needed for doing a reverse glass painting. The important raw materials which you need to fulfill your dream of making a reverse glass painting is a small medium table to work, a pane of glass with a suitable frame, paints (water-based or methyl/ solvent-based), one large brush preferably 1” to 3” width, two round brushes (size 0 or 2), masking tape, some used clothes preferably cotton, razor blade, a flat pallet knife, plates and trays for mixing colors. Regarding the paints as I have already mentioned you are free to use water or oil based paint but the only thing that the paint should stick and remain in the glass.

Now you must be convinced that the cost incurred is very low. Besides the above mentioned things, what is most important to make your dream come true is imagination. This imagination is very much needed to select a theme for painting. Set your mind free. Surely you will get a good and lovely theme portray. While painting you may remember to paint in the reverse direction. So start your expedition through the wonderful world of glass painting and wish you good luck to come with flying colors.

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