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Overcome the mistake in selecting and using of paints and tools in glass painting

Frankly speaking, it is not the glass or the frame but the type of paint that we use refines the quality of your painting. Hence special care should be taken in the selection of paints .Generally there are tow types of paints-one is ordinary paint and the other is ceramic paint. As ceramic paint is opaque it is not at all translucent. Further, for better results it has to be set in the oven, which is not always practical. One drawback of ceramic paint is that it may cause health problems. So I think it is better to use ordinary paints.

Now coming on the medium for mixing the paints it can be either water-based or methyl-based. Water-based paints are advisable when we are working in groups or for children as it is easily washable. Mentholated colors can be used for personal purpose but always remember, it is not easily washable. Another difference is in water-based medium fumes will be absent whereas in mentholated medium there will be a danger of fumes. By using methyl as medium you can make all type of colors but in water based medium it is not possible(it is not possible to make black and white).Consumption of colors will be more in water-based medium as it is thin whereas in mentholated paint consumption will be less. So if you insist on vibrant colors it is better to use mentholated paint.

Now coming on to the tips for making the painting comfortable, the room which you use for painting should be properly ventilated. This will make drying of paints faster and cherish your pleasant mood. Be careful to keep the paint bottles tightly closed and wash your brush in spirit every time when you change the colors. It is advisable to keep methyl as it is a good cleaning agent and it will help you to clean the spillages in the glass. For getting vibrant colors, practice applying a second layer over the first layer, after it is dried. Always insist for daylight while you paint. Last but not the least, persons having allergy or breathing problems must take extreme care when they use mentholated paints.

It is a common phrase that “error is human”. But it needs great courage to admit and rectify the mistakes. Beginners may feel paralyzed when they commit some mistake in painting. Here are some methods which will help to rectify the common errors which may occur while painting for the first time in a glass. Always keep in mind to use the same medium to rectify the mistake, if the error occurred is in the water-based painting use water and if it is in mentholated base use methyl to correct the same. In order to rectify an error in the outline, you have to cover the table with a newspaper then keep the glass plane along with a paper beneath. Now take some cotton, dip it in the spirit and then gently move the cotton on the area which is to be rectified. After erasing the mistake you can very well start tracing the outline again. It is better to use acetate in the beginning as it is easy to use, cheap and best. Keeping these tips in mind you can start painting on the glass with full confidence.

It is a well known fact that it is easy to buy a thing but difficult to maintain. This holds good here also. It is not at all a great thing to purchase the thing needed for glass painting as it is easily available everywhere. But it is very difficult to clean and maintain so that it last long. Let us take the case of a blender, the most used tool while painting in a glass. Different qualities are available in market according to the prices. But if you are buying it for a long term use it is better to go for badger blender, a high quality blender. As you know while painting this blender helps you to merge lines beautifully especially when turning trace lines to shadows. But to clean and maintain this blender is very difficult. If you are using gum Arabic paint there is more chance of clogging .To clean this, what you have to do is first wash the tips of the blender under warm water for ten seconds and use your fingers to correct the hairs which are blocked so as to remove the dirt in it. After that, flip the blender to wipe out the water content. If the blender is flat handled and has less hairs it will dry easily. But if it is a round handled blender you have to strain your hands by rolling it in different directions so as to make it dry. Remember, after every use put the blender in a solid jam jar, with its handle in the downward direction so as to get enough air for the hairs. Keep it in a box in order to avoid dust if you have made up your mind not to paint for one or two days. If you are ready to take this much care then you can use it for life time.

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