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Some genuine facts about Glass Painting

Similar to reverse glass painting the utensils required for stained glass windows need not be of high quality or price. Rather you can buy them from the local art supply store with a small budget or more still you can even handpick them from the roadside. What is most important is that you should have the art of creativity. For the moment you see something meaningful or beautiful be rest assured that you have already arrived at your starting point of stain glass window painting or reverse glass painting. Once you have chosen the starting point, you also have achieved the goal of having obtained the main subject of your theme. The only difference between a reverse glass painting and a stain glass window painting is that for the latter, you need not bothered even about the full background of your main subject. In other words, you need to concentrate only on beautiful past. Once having chosen the basic sketch of your subject, start looking for those simple but vital details that will eventually lead you to a perfect finish. Tape your sketch to the backside, or the viewing side of the glass. Once having chosen the main subject, using a liquid lead as paint, outline only the vital portions of your main subject by allowing a thin strip of the paint directly on bottle glass. Only after making a brief outline of your main subject, you should think about the required color contrast that will make a good background color. Then slowly weave yourself to each interior portion of your painting. Always be cautious of applying only the correct color contrast so that it should look appealing and not appalling to your eyes. After having reached the interior most part of painting, remove the pattern you have painted in the glass after turning your sketch around and you work is countable.

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