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This is the formation of different indefinite pattern that gives the impression of garden with different varieties of flowers and leaves. Several floral designs are used in this pattern that adds beauty to the whole design. The background structures give the impression of wall where a beautiful painting is being done. The back ground can be shaded with brown or ash color that would give the image of a wall. The shapes that forms the floral structures can be given different shades of bright colors of red, blue, green, pink, peach red, peach orange, burgundy, bright yellow, maroon, indigo, purple, lavender, rose, mauve and copper shades. Shimmering silver or ash color can also be used in the floral pattern for a unique appearance. The leafy designs can be shaded with different shades of blue and green. This free stained glass painting pattern with multi color combination is truly attractive and creative.

stained glass pattern

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