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This beautiful pattern resembles floral structure that is extremely beautiful that formed out from curves and lines that gives a slanting and spread design. It reminds some flowers that spread from certain wild creeper and climber plants. The uniqueness of this design is that though it looks like a floral pattern, leafy structures give the impression of floral designs and there are no real floral designs in this pattern. Multi contrast colors are more suitable for this pattern than using any single or double shades. Wide range of colors can be liberally used in this pattern. Electric blue, ocean blue, turquoise blue and shades of green can be combined and used in this pattern. Red, bright orange, maroon, copper, magenta, deep purple, violet lavender can be used in the leafy structures that would give the impact of floral designs. An ash color background can be given for giving more visual impact to this pattern.

stained glass pattern

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