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This design is wonderful piece of art that is truly creative with the combined formation of different patterns that finally gives the result of a beautiful floral pattern though there are no real floral patterns are used. This design is basically the artistic combination of diamond shaped or rhombus shaped structures, long structures resembling leafy patterns with wide ends forms different circular and petal patterns that gives this free stain glass painting a wonderful impressive image. Multi color shades can be used liberally in this pattern than using single or double combined shades. Rich vibrant colors of blue, green, maroon, violet, peach, magenta, rose, pink, yellow, indigo and copper colors could be used in this image. The center design can be painted with ocean blue or electric blue that would compliment with other color shades around it. The back ground could be painted with cream shade or off white or lighter shade of any color that will increase the visual appearance of this extremely beautiful pattern.

stained glass pattern

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