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Follow few step by step processes of painting in Glass Wares

In this session we can have a discussion on how to make painting possible in glass wares. Without beating around the bush we can enter into the topic directly. There is no hard and fast rule in selecting the glass ware. It can be done according our utility and needs. After selecting the glass ware before starting the painting we have to wash the glass wares first in water and then in alcohol. This will help to remove the dust and stains in the glass and make it comfortable for painting. The first step is to manifest our imagination by tracing the outline. If there is any difficulty in tracing outlines then we can do the transferring of image with the help of carbon paper. Now we can start painting the design. After finishing the painting we should allow it to dry and the drying time may vary form 1 to 2 days depending on the type of the paint that we use. Now in order to improve the quality it is better to bake the glass. But remember, we should start baking only after ensuring that the paint in the glass is completely dried, otherwise there is a chance of bubbling of the paint which will ruin all your efforts. So be patient, till the paint dries. Usually the baking time is half an hour and for that we have to preheat the oven to 350 degrees. One more thing is that we have to place the glass pane in the cold oven before preheating it and after baking we have to keep it in the oven itself till it is cooled. Otherwise there is a chance to breakage in the glass. If we became successful in following these procedures correctly then we can have a precious piece of glass wares with us. We can use this glass wares for our personal purpose or can give as gift to our loves ones.

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