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Three Technical points you must follow while doing glass painting

Let us discuss some technicalities regarding the glass painting. This question may seem silly but these can be considered as basics in glass painting. The first thing which confuses us while painting in a float glass is on which side we should paint the enamel. Before finding solution to this question we must first understand about the modern manufacturing methodology of tined or float glasses. The float glass mainly consists of two sides; one is called “tinned” side and the other “air” side. In tinned side of a glass there will be residues which may harm the colors at the time of heating. So it is always better to use the “air” side to paint enamel. You can easily differentiate the “tin” and “air” side of the glass with the help of a Tin side detector. With the help of Tin side detector if you observe the glass in a dark room, the tin side will have a fuzzy white glow while in the air side it will be absent.

Another thing which you have to be highly technical to get a pretty look to the painting is regarding the formula to make bright colors. Usually what we do is that we apply thick layers of colors to make it rich. But unfortunately this reduces the clarity of the painting. So if you want vibrant colors please apply paint layer by layer and then fire just once. This will give the painting a rich and extravagant look.

Another technical point with which you can make the painting bright and colorful is sandblasting process .What we do in sandblasting is before applying the paint in the glass, we sand blast the glass. As a result of which the painting gets a better finish and seems extremely stronger than the normal glass painting.

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