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Tools and Materials to do Glass Paintings

For writing a poem you need a pen and a paper which creates history. For painting, you need a brush and paints which creates miraculous history. As always, this kind of creative art of glass painting needs some creative tool and materials. Normally you people can easily buy painting product from world market but as far as glass painting tools and products are concerned it varies depending on each potential buyer. Here I am trying to spell out some great tools and materials which are very much essential for making your glass painting an outstanding art piece.

For doing a glass paintings you need some creative tools such as glass painting outliners, glass paints, glass painting patterns, glass pieces, tracing papers, marker pen, color shaper brushes, thinner etc.

It's very easy and very economical to make your own outliner at home. Just simple as anything (only three - four things needed ceramic powder, fevicol (glue), fabric color, a spoon and a container) When it comes to purchasing outliners two thing always bear in mind, one is it?s color (different shades are available in market and colors are tagged on the bottle itself, pick the one which you are intended for because as always the glass painting products are very costly,) and the other one is its stiffness; this is important because pealing outliner for creating outlines has a vital role in doing glass painting. Outliners are in different colors such as black and almost all basic color, gold, silver, copper, bronze, glitter copper, glitter silver, metallic shades etc.

As far as glass paints are concerned vibrant colors are available in the market. Like outliner, glass paints are also expensive and you should be very choosy about it. Two kinds of glass paints are available one is water based and the other is solvent based. Compared to water based, solvent based glass paints are long-lasting.

You will get free pattern book available from the market and also many great pattern books are available on Amazon which have 100s of designs in it. Above all if you have access to computer then you will get free pattern from the internet itself; browse for free pattern and use the same as your glass painting designs; but ensure that those are copyright free designs. Some how, you can also change these patterns as per your requirements using various sketching and graphic editing software. You can easily download this software from the internet itself. For nice patterns see our pattern section. Always buy thick tracing or butter paper and also buy fin tip marker pen for tracing your pattern.

Brushes are available in different points 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 etc .You can easily buy brush kit from Amazon in relatively low price. Use brush to spread color to each and every corner of outlined areas. Always use thinner to clean brushes.

You can buy glass pieces from the near market or buy a glass cutting kit available in the market. It will help you to cut glasses of your choice.

So what are you waiting for? Don?t waste your precious time! Create your exquisite glass painting using the above said creative tools and materials!!

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