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A Unique Glass Painting - a gift for your dear ones

Do you want to gift something precious to your loved ones? Don't worry; you can manifest the same with the help of glass painting. You can paint simple designs either in a cup or in a wine glass or in any other glass wares you like. For this it is not necessary that you have artistic excellence but you should have some patience and imagination. So far as glass painting is concerned simple designs attracts everyone than the complex ones. Buy glasses of your choice and paint small design on it according to your imagination. If you find it difficult to paint you can sketch the design in the glass with the help of carbon paper. In order to rectify the mistakes in painting just wash it off and start fresh painting.

Painting on a glass; it may sound strange to you. But you can also try to make one as it is so simple and practical. What you need is some imagination. First step is to select a theme; it can be flowers, fruits, cakes or anything creative. Then you have to paint the same in glass and allow it to dry completely. For quick result you can bake the glasses in the oven. If you are planning to dry it in the air then it will take around 1 day. As the paints used to paint the glass is of high quality you don’t have to worry about the side effects of using this glass. The glass which you painted can be used in the parties or functions arranged by you and these glasses will make your functions unique. Or you can give this as a present to your guests, which they can cherish as a sweet memory. These painted glasses are long lasting and they are washable in dishwasher also. But hand washing is preferred so as to preserve the clarity of the design. Moreover, the cost and the time incurred in painting the glasses are very less. Hurry! Learn this art systematically and make your functions memorable and start making fun glasses of your own and present it to your loved ones or to your guests and remain always in their sweet memory.

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